“Travel is a way of life for you. You spend countless hours researching and connecting and then you go, not just to visit, but to live the place, in all its forms.”

Having journeyed to nearly thirty countries, a love of travel is a constant motivation and source of inspiration, in both work and life. Reeling together experience, research, writing, design, market shopping, an endless sense of adventure and an ever growing bundle of contacts, Anush writes about travel in the form of prose or destination guides. She is available to travel, always.

Creative Travel Contributions Include :

A Moroccan Destination Guide on Nomad Chic

Red Sky at Night, A Short Story on Nomad Chic

Hotel Uzbekistan, Collaging Central Asia on Project Bly

Shop Latitude, Former Blog Manager and Editorial Assistant

For Eyes Like Oceans, a travel inspiration journal was created in the winter of 2011, prior to a trip to India. In four years, the blog has expanded to include a variety of writers, designers and photographers.

Services Available:

Travel for inspiration, media and editorial projects

Market Sourcing

Travel Writing

Extensive contacts around the artisan world, specializing in textiles

Travel guides and curation