In 2003, Anush watched a trend presentation from a world-renowned forecaster. The marriage of concept and visual, word and design, intellect and emotion, proved to be a watershed moment. One year later, this organization decided to discontinue one of their most important and evocative publications. Anush wrote a letter to express her sadness and remorse, but also admiration for such a decision. Her letter was one of two written to address the closure and she was invited to meet the company. This meeting kicked off a career in trend forecasting. Shortly thereafter, Anush became a New York Cool Hunter and Trend Forecaster for Prym Germany, joining researchers from Tokyo and London, compiling monthly design analysis reports. Anush held this position for seven years. She has also worked with Stylesight, Scout Australia, Reqoop, Fashionsnoops and Trendstop, as well as producing her own conceptual fashion and lifestyle forecasts for private clients.

Trendstop / Prym / Stylesight / Fashionsnoops / Reqoop / Scout

Services Available:

Runway Analysis: Seasonal mood boards and reports of themes and key items including colors, materials and details. Runway reports for women’s, men’s and accessories.

Retail Analysis: Shopping the entire retail range to photograph merchandise and displays and analysis of all visual components

Street Style Analysis: Document and analyze street style and relevant cultural events.

Cultural Intel: Research and attend all relevant cultural signifiers.

Conceptual Forecast: Compiling extensive research to create fashion and lifestyle forecasts up to two years in advance to assist and inspire design teams.